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Saturdays @ SART

Musical Theatre Dance (Ages 8-12)
Instructor: Kyrstin Ezzell
This beginner-level class focuses on theatrical dance performance while promoting self-expression and self-confidence. Students will focus on the fundamentals of musical theatre dance technique along with building strength and performance skills through beginner-friendly combinations and storytelling. 8 Weeks. (Minimum enrollment of 5 students for class to make.)

Intro to Theatrical Makeup (Ages 12-18)
Instructor: Kyrstin Ezzell
This class will focus on the skills and techniques needed to create your own make-up designs. Students will learn basic corrective makeup skills, how to age an actor, and simple special effects including bruises, cuts, and burns. 8 Weeks. (Minimum enrollment of 5 students for class to make.)
Beginner Ballet (Ages 6-10)
Instructor: Jo Collinson

This class will give your little dancer a basic introduction to ballet steps and positions while enhancing their motor skills and coordination with fun exercises in music qualities and rhythms, story-telling with movement, and free dance. 7 Weeks. (Minimum enrollment of 8 students for class to make.)

Teen Playwriting (Ages 14-18)
Instructor: Cheyenne Dancy

Is your teen an aspiring writer and would love to explore the world of playwriting? This playwriting class is perfect for them! Happening every Saturday in October, students will learn how to write a script from A-Z. This month's theme is "Ghost Story", so bring your scariest ideas! 4 Weeks. (Minimum enrollment of 5 students for class to make.)

Teen Auditioning Intensive (Ages 14-18)
Instructors: Chelsey Gaddy, Daniel Moore, William Ezzell

Is your teen ready to be in the spotlight? Our Auditioning Intensive will help them shine! Course components include: Choosing and learning a monologue, learning how to cold-read, building a rep of audition songs, and many more essential tasks and skills that are crucial for young performers hoping to work in the professional, regional, and even community theatre realm. This class will give students the fundamentals they need to help them stand out, as well as tried and true tips and tricks, taught by industry professionals who have a combined 95+ years of experience sitting on both sides of the "table". 8 Weeks. (Minimum enrollment of 5 students for class to make.)

Youth Improv (Ages 6-11)
Instructor: Chris Martin

Improv teaches performers spontaneity, creativity, and to think outside the box!
 In this class, students will learn the basics of improv with techniques designed to get them comfortable with performing, quick thinking, and being present on stage. They'll be laughing and learning with fun games, warm-ups, "Yes And" exercises, and more! The last half of the final class will culminate in an informal showcase for friends and family. 8 Weeks. (Minimum enrollment of 5 students for class to make.)

Join us for youth classes here at Southern Appalachian Repertory Theatre!
Each class is 1 hour long and will take place at 44 College Street, Mars Hill.
Classes are $125 each.
Have questions? Please email

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