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Actor Spotlight: Pasquale LaCorte

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Take a journey with a disgruntled aging couple revisiting their roots in Southern Appalachia in the new play, Milestones showing at Southern Appalachian Repertory Theatre June 9-19, 2022. Each twist and turn in the road leads this couple towards forgiveness and healing. Written by Gale Gooch Alexander, and set in the very mountains Southern Appalachian Repertory Theatre calls home. We reached out to Milestones actor Pasquale LaCorte to find out more about him and his experience working on this production.

What is your favorite line in this show and why?

"I never followed my dreams. Because I never had any dreams. Because I was afraid to dream." I think this revelation rings loud in a lot of peoples hearts. Admitting the truth to yourself is sometimes the hardest thing to do.

What do you love about working with SART?

This is my first appearance at SART so I don't have much to say on this other than I'm impressed with the professionalism and dedication of everyone I've met there so far.

Tell us about your character. What’s your favorite thing about them? What do you love about getting to portray them?

I love that my character is vulnerable. I usually get cast in comic relief roles (some guys where born with a silver spoon in their mouth. I was born with a slap stick in mine). My character in Milestones has a unique depth and I get to bring that true persona to the stage. He can be funny, but the laughter hides the pain.

How did you get into theatre?

My Mom was a professional dancer and owned a dance studio for 30 years. She taught me to tap dance when I was seven. She put me on the stage and they had to drag me off. When I was 13, I saw my first Broadway production - Fiddler on the Roof. That did it. That's all I wanted to do since then.

What’s your favorite thing to do in the area?

I'm a homebody. I have a lovely, private property and I most enjoy having friends over. Sometimes just small dinner parties and sometimes fill the joint with 70-80 WNC characters.

What about this production are you the most excited about?

I love doing original plays and having the opportunity to develop a character from scratch with no preconceived influences. It's very gratifying in so many ways.

What’s your favorite part about performing?

Making people laugh. Nothing is more fun then making people laugh.

But if I can make you cry too .... and make you think .... That's when I've had a perfect show.


Pasquale LaCorte from the age of seven performed in a multitude of variety and musical shows, tap dancing and clowning before attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NY. Afterward, he appeared with the NJ Shakespeare Festival, The L'Amore Theatre Ensemble, and several other regional groups and showcases in the NY metropolitan area. Later on, he owned and operated Café Cappuccino - a Jazz and comedy club/restaurant in Milburn, NJ. Pasquale now owns and operates New Hope Travel here in the Asheville area. Absent from the stage for over thirty years, Pasquale got back to the joy of theatre nine years ago appearing at ACT in numerous musicals and comedies. He has also appeared in Amadeus with NC Stage, at LEX18 Dinner Theatre, and The Magnetic Theatre’s original productions of Capital Liars, Terry Tempest, and the monthly improv series Vernon’s Super Happy Trivia Game Show. At HART Theatre in Waynesville, Pasquale performed as Nunzio in Over The River and Through The Woods, as Scrooge in A Christmas Carol, as Joe Taylor in A Facility For Living, as The Golux in 13 Clocks, and most recently a five-week, sold-out run in the one-man show “Say, Goodnight Gracie”.

Milestones is showing at Southern Appalachian Repertory Theatre June 9-19, 2022. Grab your tickets here:

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