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Casting Breakdown For Season 50

Below you will find the casting breakdown for the main shows of our 2024 season. If a role is not mentioned here, it is because it has already been cast. Likewise, if a role is mentioned here, it is open and has yet to be cast.

End of the Rainbow

BBC Interviewer/Hotel Porter/Assistant Stage Manager – male presenting., 30-50’s. Actor will be playing three supporting roles – A BBC radio interviewer, a bellhop at a London hotel, & a “slightly, subtly camp” Assistant Stage Manager at a London Theatre. Must be able to establish three distinct characters, both vocally and physically. Two different British dialects required.

Fiddler on the Roof

Fiddler on the Roof Character Breakdown (ages are a guideline and are subject to change

Tevye- Male, 35-60s - Range: Ab2 - F5   The likeable, hard-working, pious dairyman who always tries to see the positive side of life. He is a proud patriarch and father of five daughters, closely raised according to the old scriptures. 

Golde - Female, 25-60s - Range: A3 - Eb5   Tevye's strong-willed wife who wishes for her daughters to have good husbands and live easier than she and Tevye.  

Tzeitel - Female, 18-25 - Range: B3 - D5   Tevye's eldest daughter, who is madly in love with Motel. She is loyal to her family but typically challenges the town's traditions. 

Hodel - Female, 18-23 - Range: B3 - E5   Tevye's second eldest daughter, who becomes involved with Perchik. She eventually leaves Anatevka to join Perchik in Siberia. 

Chava - Female, 15-20 - Range: B3 - D5   Tevye's middle daughter who loves to read. Falls in love and runs off with Fydeka, a Russian soldier. 

Shprintze- Female, 9-12 - Range: B3 - D5   Tevye's fourth eldest daughter who takes lessons at home from Perchik. 

Bielke- Female, 6-9 - Range: B3 - D5   Tevye's youngest daughter. Takes lessons at home from Perchik. 

Motel- Male, 18-30 - Range: E3 - F#4   The poor and meek tailor who shares a deep love with Tzeitel. Sensitive and nervous, but sincere and friendly. 

Perchik - Male, 20-30 - Range: B2 - E4   The outspoken student and visitor to Anatevka, who constantly challenges the traditions of the town. He eventually falls in love with Hodel. 

Fyedka - Male, 18-25 - Speaking Role   A strong, young Russian soldier who sees past his military obligations and falls in love with Chava. He challenges Tevye's imposed silence. 

Lazar Wolf- Male, 40s-60s - Range: C3 - F#4   The feisty, brawny butcher and the town's wealthiest citizen who wishes to marry Tzeitel. 

Yente - Female, 30s-60s - Range: F3 - F5   The meddling matchmaker. She is a widow and village busybody who knows all of the town gossip. 

Constable - Male, 35-60 - Speaking Role   Russian military official stationed near Anatevka who knows the villagers well, however, he has superficial relationships with the villagers. 

There is a large ENSEMBLE of Villagers that will make up all different kinds of families! Russian Soldiers and Dancers as well! Both speaking and non-speaking roles are available. The ensemble is heavily used in this show. 

TYA: Charlotte's Web

Charlotte­­­-  A spider. Charlotte is wise and motherly to Wilbur. She cares deeply for him and sacrifices greatly for his safety. She is loved by all who know her.


Fern Arable- ­­­ A young girl. She loves Wilber and will do whatever it takes to keep him safe and happy. She is childlike and kind-hearted.


Martha Arable- ­­­Fern’s mother. She is a tough, but loving woman. She is a “no-nonsense” farmer’s wife, so she is practical, but kind.


Edith Zuckerman-­­­ Fern’s Aunt. Another “no-nonsense” farmer’s wife. She loves Fern but sometimes comes off harsh in her delivery, but she means well.


Goose- ­­­A Goose. Gander’s wife. She is a silly, not too bright, character who repeats everything she says , and is part of the farm animal ensemble.


John Arable­­- Fern and Avery’s Father. Stern father and farmer, but with a big heart.


Avery Arable­­­- Fern’s Brother. An ornery sibling who is always goofing off and teasing. A jokester. 


Homer Zuckerman- ­­­Fern’s Uncle. Jolly, happy farmer. Very excited about the future of Wilbur

Gander­­- Goose’s husband. Kind-hearted 


 Lurvy (Lucy)­­- a hired farm hand


Wilbur-­­ a loveable pig. This character must be innocent, but brave. He must be filled with wonder and everyone must fall in love with him.


Templeton­­­- A conniving, selfish rat. He is not well-liked and only looks out for what’s in it for him. He should be a bit shady and sneaky. 


Ensemble Roles­­­- speaking roles that act as narrators and ensemble for the show

The Tall Woman

Lydia-headstrong, kind and fiercely independent. Fights for what she knows is right and loves deeply


Aunt Tilda- Lydia’s aunt. Never marries. kind & nurturing.


Jesse/Big Matt Bludsoe: Jessie-Lydia’s father. Haunted by the things he experienced during the war and blames himself for the misfortune that befell the family while he was gone. 

Big Matt Bludsoe - prideful outlier. Known for his truthfulness and the whiskey his family makes


Sarah: Lydia’s mother. Assaulted while her husband is away at war and never fully recovers mentally. Wise, caring.


Mark:  Lydia’s Husband. Becomes a prisoner of war and comes back bitter and angry. Deeply suspicious of the people of Thickety. Never does fully recover the loving man he once was but tries hard for his family. 


Paul / Man 4: Lydia’s brother. Loses his arm during the war but still manages to keep it light, never letting his spirit be broken by what he experienced.


Robert / Man 2: Lydia’s brother. Becomes a lawyer even with no formal education as a child. Mid to late teens.


Hamilton Nelson: spurned by Lydia. Influential land & shop owner. Greedy & self serving. 


Stage Manager: narrator of the play


Dr Hornsby / Tilmon Haddon:

Dr. Hornsby- drunk at the time of Lydia’s first delivery. Blames himself and becomes a benefactor to Lydia 

Tilmon Haddon- drunk, vengeful.


David: son of Mark & Lydia


Martha: daughter of Mark & Lydia 


Gib / Boy 2:

Gib- Youngest son of Mark & Lydia.


Burn / Bludsoe Boy / Boy 1

Burn- 2nd youngest son of Mark & Lydia.


Professor Harmon Duncan / Man 3

Professor Harmon Duncan- New teacher in town.


Dolly / Woman 2

Dolly- fiancé of Paul, takes pleasure in gossip 


Gentry / Blacksmith / Man 1

Gentry Cladwell- town preacher 


Emma Cladwell / Woman 3

Emma Cladwell- Gentry’s mother. Excitable, curious, nosy.


Ida Burke / Woman 4

Ida Burke-superstitious busybody


Cass Nelson / Woman 1

Cass Nelson- Ham’s mother. 

Taking A Chance On Love

Margaret Rutledge – is 75, the grande dame of the Rutledge family of Charleston, South Carolina, and that means money, class, and style. Despite all that, she’s remarkably down-to-earth—a caring and very bright mother and grandmother.

Adele Clifton Rutledge Heyward – at 52, is a statuesque woman of great charm. She is Roxana’s former college roommate, Edgar’s second wife, and Ned’s former stepmother. She is perhaps the emotional center of the play—wise, pragmatic, and fair. She is adored by the Rutledges—and by everybody else.

Edgar Rutledge – is described as “handsome and dapper at 55.” He’s a man’s man. Women admire him; men respect him. As a newspaper editor, he’s sharp—with a brilliant mind, displaying ultimate integrity. He is likeable, but intense. Personal relationships are not his forte, but he’s trying to change that.

Ned Rutledge – is 30, handsome in a “bookish” way, and very much his own man. He’s a leader of the pack, a non-conformist, and yet he appreciates order and logic. He’s not going to be told what to do, but he’s open to the possibilities.

Roxana Rutledge Gomez – is always beautifully coiffed and dressed in haute couture. “She is 53, looking 53, and trying to hold on to it.” Edgar’s first wife and Ned’s mother – and oft married, she’s manipulative and insecure.

Solange Moret – is a slender, “almost-thirty,” young French woman -- a free spirit who says what she thinks—rarely editing. She’s a provocative, free-wheeling idealist who turns heads and hearts towards new places for thinking.

Madeleine Moret – is a beautiful French woman in her late 40s, the mother of Solange. Poised and elegant, she’s an interior decorator who immediately inspires confidence. She is engaged to Ned and is intensely loyal to him.

Christille (Kiki) Moret – is 50, the ex-husband of Madeleine and father of Solange. He has an instant gallic charm that is winsome and warm. He is something of a sprite, his feet being firmly planted in the clouds.

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