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Spotlight: Lily X Bartleson

A Southern Appalachian Christmas is showing December 8-18, 2022 here at Southern Appalachian Repertory Theatre!

In this holiday musical set right here in WNC, Sara hasn’t been home for Christmas since she moved to New York six years ago. Now, for the first time in years, Sara is back in her hometown, celebrating with the family and friends she left behind. During this visit, she learns exactly what’s most important to her and gains a new respect for where she came from. It’s a story of love, hope, and cheer during the holiday season.

We reached out to Lily X Bartleson to find out more about her and her experience working on this production.

What have you loved so far about working with SART?

At the first read, we had a blast and I knew there and then this was the group I was meant to perform with! We all get along so well, support each other, and have the same goal in mind: to do well and bring this show to life!

How did you get into theatre?

As a young girl I would "entertain" people by singing, putting on skits, doing funny accents and just making people laugh. Reminding people of the good and fun in life that we sometimes forget or leave behind.

What’s your favorite part about performing?

I enjoy the storytelling aspect; additionally, it gives me an opportunity to put myself in someone else's shoes OR share my personal story through someone else's.


Lily X Bartleson is a 26 year old Western North Carolina actress. She made her debut at SART in The Wedding Singer, and she's thrilled to be back during the holiday season! Past performances include "Crimes of the Heart" (LENNY), "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" (HANS), and "Tooth or Dare" (TOOTH FAIRY).

A Southern Appalachian Christmas is showing December 8-18, 2022. Grab your tickets here:

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