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Spotlight: Anania Williams

The Wedding Singer is showing July 27-31! We reached out to Anania Williams, to find out more about them and what working on this fun production has been like!

What is your favorite song in this show and why?

I love “All About the Green”!!! Dancing in that number makes me feel so powerful and I like how we’re “rooting” for the villain for a second!

What have you loved so far about working with SART?

Dancing my little tail off.

Tell us about your character. What’s your favorite thing about them? What do you love about getting to portray them?

Ricky is the star of the show. That’s all I need to say.

How did you get into theatre?

My theatre director in high school was so pivotal to me. I wouldn’t be here without her.

What about this production are you the most excited about?

I’m excited to have fun and bring a little of myself on the stage!

What’s your favorite part about performing?

I love finding the comedic moments. Things that could be funny, things written to be funny, and those kind of things.

Do you have any upcoming projects we should check out?

Follow my socials/website: @anania00/


Credits include: Next to Normal (Henry), A Raisin in the Sun (Asagai) with the Black Box Theatre in Moline, Illinois; Flora, The Red Menace (Willy), Spring Awakening (Hanschen), and Into the Woods (Narrator/Mysterious Man) with Emerson Stage, in Boston, MA. Thank you so much to my siblings, my supporters, and those who have gotten me this far. Much love and blessings, Anania.

The Wedding Singer opens on July 27th and runs through July 31st! Grab your tickets here:

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