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Actor Spotlight: Sage Spiker

Meet, Sage Spiker! He is joining us for The Hunchback of Notre Dame June 30, 2022 - July 10, 2022!

What is your favorite song in this show and why?

“Someday” it’s such an emotional song and a pivotal moment in the show.

What have you loved so far about working with SART?

The chill directing team! I feel comfortable throwing any concerns their way, and comfortable making choices in the space.

Tell us about your character. What’s your favorite thing about them? What do you love about getting to portray them?

Phoebus goes on a journey in this play, thinking he wants one thing, but finding he wants something quite different. I love playing those moments when he’s discovering what he REALLY wants out of life.

How did you get into theatre?

I did my first play in elementary school.

What’s your favorite thing to do in the area?

Traverse the many-a-surrounding hill.

What about this production are you the most excited about?

Doing this with a deaf actor. Hugo wrote Quasi as a deaf character, so it only seems right. I can’t wait to see how signing makes its way into the performance

What’s your favorite part about performing?

Getting in a state of flow with my fellow actors onstage

Do you have any upcoming projects we should check out?

Titanic in Cedar Rapids, Iowa!


Sage Spiker is thrilled to be making his debut with SART this summer! In 2019, he graduated from the University of Iowa, having studied Theatre and Vocal Music. He’s previously worked Off-Broadway on the shows Sleepy Hollow and Of a Lifetime. Regionally, he’s been seen in Million Dollar Quartet, You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, and the regional premiere of A Bronx Tale. He enjoys playing guitar, cheering on the Steelers and Spurs, and gulping down enough coffee daily to kill a small elephant in his free-time. He hopes you enjoy the show!

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