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Actor Spotlight: Leif Brodersen

Meet, Leif Brodersen! He is joining us for The Hunchback of Notre Dame June 30, 2022 - July 10, 2022!

What is your favorite song in this show and why?

The opening medley very effectively immerses you in the setting. This production utilizes it to great effect by establishing a unique perspective. SART’s Hunchback will bring this classic tale to its audience with a renewed sense of relevance and immediacy.

What have you loved so far about working with SART?

Professionalism and creative vision. As we put this show on its feet, the countless hours of creative work that proceeded the rehearsal process are self-evident. Every individual involved has made strong creative choices that will empower this production to thrive in its originality. And all while staying firmly grounded in complete dedication to establishing an environment of safety and mutual respect.

Tell us about your character. What’s your favorite thing about them? What do you love about getting to portray them?

As members of the ensemble, we are entrusted with retelling this story - at times narrating, supporting, and participating in the tale. You might say we are the audience surrogates in this production which strives to remind us all of the ancient lessons that humanity grapples with generation after generation.

How did you get into theatre?

I had the opportunity to see the magic of live theater from the audience and I was smitten. I had to get involved! Providing those experiences to young people is one of many reasons why supporting the arts is vital.

What’s your favorite thing to do in the area?

Participate in local productions.

What about this production are you the most excited about?

There is one quality that I seek out in every theatrical production from the smallest black box to the grand stages of Broadway. A raison d’etre. A reason for being. SART’s Hunchback is deliberate in its purpose and perspective and is presented this season with clarity of vision at its core.

What’s your favorite part about performing?

Contributing to the audience’s immersion in suspended moments. May we all have goosebumps!

Do you have any upcoming projects we should check out?

Little Women and Assassins later this year at HART.


Leif Brodersen is thrilled to be making his debut at SART. After studying musical theater performance at Columbia College Chicago and improv comedy at Second City Chicago, he returned to WNC. Recent regional credits include “9 to 5: The Musical” (Dwayne) and “Avenue Q” (Brian) at ACT. At HART: “The Bridges of Madison County” (Bud), “Mamma Mia” (Harry), and “All Shook Up” (Jim).

The Hunchback of Notre Dame is showing at Southern Appalachian Repertory Theatre in Mars Hill, NC June 30, 2022 - July 10, 2022! Grab your tickets here:

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